Admission Notification for UG Courses

Sl No. Notice Remarks
  Pay Admission Fee Only for the applicants listed in the 4th Admission List
8 4th Admission List for UG Courses (2019-20) 4th Admission List
8  3rd Admission List for UG Courses (2019-20) 3rd Admission List
7  2nd Admission List for UG Courses (2019-20) 2nd Admission List
6 ADMISSION NOTIFICATION NO. 4/2019, DATED 14.06.2019 Regarding payment of admission fee.
5 ADMISSION NOTIFICATION NO. 3/2019, DATED 13.06.2019 3rd admission notification.
4  1st Admission List for UG Courses (2019-20) 1st Admission List
3 Complete Merit List for Admission to UG Courses (2019-20) Complete Merit List
2 ADMISSION NOTIFICATION NO. 2/2019, DATED 25.05.2019 2nd admission notification.
1 ADMISSION NOTIFICATION NO. 1/2019, DATED 22.05.2019 1st admission notification.
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